My love for the city started about 7 years ago on a trip that changed my life forever.  After just one date with Mellissa I went to Chicago with her for a weekend and she opened my eyes to a side of the city I hadn’t experienced before.  The food.  Chicago Dogs from street vendors, the amazing smelling polish sausages at Wrigley Field and even further to her grandma’s kitchen table the culinary experience of that trip raised the bar for my expectations of food.  We’ve taken at least two trips a year back to Chicago since then and each time I add to my favorite foods list.  Deep Dish Pizza, Garrett’s Chicago Mix Popcorn, anything on Portillo’s menu…….yes, please!  So when the idea for a food truck came up that would provide me with all of this deliciousness here in Seattle I was on board (and a little scared of my 9 month pregnant wife presenting it).  My favorite part of working on the truck is hearing the feedback from customers that “the food tastes as good as it smells and that I nailed the Chicago fare they were missing”.  I also like introducing Seattle natives to the foods that aren’t native to this area.  Explaining the neon green relish or how to pronounce giardiniera (it’s Jar-dih-NAIR) and seeing how much they enjoy the first bite make all the work worth it for me.







My passion for food started with eating it! 


I have always loved trying new and unique foods.  In Seattle, Restaurant Week is one of my favorite things.  But nothing compares to the food from home.  Chicago is home to me and throughout my travels I have not found  food that compares to the eats available in Chicago.  In 2015, during an intense pregnancy craving I went on a mission to recreate some of the foods I loved from home.  Store after store I was disappointed.  For the love of God, why can’t I find a poppy seed bun in Seattle?!  Although our bi-annual trips to Chicago are amazing, I needed to have what I loved more consistently.  Enter ChicagoWest.  Having all the right ingredients on a Chicago Dog anytime I want, or the smell of the aujus simmering for the beef sandwiches takes me back to the place I love without having to leave Seattle.  I love hearing the stories of Chicago natives at the truck and reminiscing about our favorite food spots.  I love seeing the joy of their faces when they see that we serve sandwiches wet and that we are doing our part to spread the word that ketchup does not go on hot dogs!